multidisciplinary designer


workplace | office | Rome | 2015
client: Converge
photo credits: Alessandra Cetto

interior design
furniture design
detailed planning
production management
suppliers communication
onsite supervision
final photoshoot
meeting room with ten office chairs and conference table
Converge Spa, an italian IT infrastructure and software provider located in Rome, was in need of a major restyling of its most representative spaces.
The building itself presents quite a complicated shape, so a big part of the intervention involved masking or reducing some extra corners with drywall to render the space cleaner.
A white Corian reception-desk welcomes the guests upon entrance, while clear glass paneling discretely screens the adjacent meeting room, where products' presentations with new potential clients are held.
All furniture elements were designed expressly for this project and made-to-measure by skillful local craftsmen, including the 3 metres long meeting table.

conference table with office chairs and glass wall
bespoke grey office cabinet detail
bespoke white Corian reception desk detailbespoke conference table detailflush sliding door for server room
meeting room suspended ceiling panel detail
army green swivel office chair detail
drywall niche for fire extinguisher
bespoke grey cabinet detail